Monday, 27 August 2012

Outfit Post #3

We all love a good band tee.. am I right!? Black/dark t-shirts always look striking and the flashes of colour, text and logos make a real statement in an outfit. But rightly or wrongly, some wearers of band t-shirts have little or no knowledge of the band or artist they happen to have emblazoned on their chest. I love the design and colours used in the Guns N' Roses t-shirts but to be honest, I've never had any interest in their music, I can't even think of one of their songs. Because of this, I wouldn't feel right wearing a t-shirt bearing their name. Sure what if someone walked up to me and was all, "How do you feel about the riff in the 3rd verse of the hidden track on the third EP before the band's breakout album?" I'd be in trouble then! To save any rolled eyes and mutterings of "tryhard" and "Wannabe", I'll stick to what I know. Good ol' Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga) can pout happily away as this admiring longtime fan wears her mug with meaning!

Lady Gaga t-shirt: Shop in Sitges, Spain
Skirt: Vintage
Converse: eBay
Jewellery: Vintage & Penneys/Primark

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