Thursday, 23 August 2012

RIP to the camera I used to own.. its days are over

I've developed a skill for breaking cameras.. and my Nikon Coolpix is the latest victim. The lens is a quivering mess and I can't see a thing on the screen. I'm no photography expert but I think, subconsciously, I wanted to kill my camera. It was a replacement for a good quality Samsung that I unwittingly whacked a few weeks before... Well what else could I expect after dropping it for the 73rd time! Anyway I'm hoping to find a new camera that can fulfil all my Lookbook/blogging needs. Someday when my fingers are butter-free, I may even purchase one of those cool big massive fashion-people cameras! And I'll NEVER drop it!

I didn't want to post this on Lookbook.. it's just too blurry but here it is blogside anyway!

Rihanna top: Penneys/Primark
 Lilac dress (worn as skirt): Enable Ireland charity shop
Shoes: Penneys/Primark

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