Tuesday, 25 December 2012

feeling FESTIVE!

Ok so I donned my Christmas jumper yesterday on Christmas Eve, but I had this planned for my Christmas Day Outfit (CDO). The CDO is the stuff of magic, I try to make it my best outfit of the year... I just LOVE planning what I'm wearing in advance then wearing it. Simple pleasures eh!? The purpose of the CDO is twofold, firstly it must be worn for religious ceremonies and meeting people in the morning, then reinstated for the yuletide meal (twas delicious by the by!) A forgiving and well concealed waistband is usually preferred. I stuck to whipping up garlic butter when I was helping with dinner, fearing for the pristine whiteness of my skirt! It's quite the haute cuisine recipe- chop up a LOAD of garlic into chunks and lob it into some butter. Artisan.

Everything I'm wearing is vintage and I got the skirt and blouse in Om Diva in Dublin, which is basically retail and vintage heaven. I adore the place.

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  1. Looking well, thought I'd stop by and have a nose, how's the blogging going?