Saturday, 6 October 2012

CODE RED/BLUE... and pink!

Red is one of those controversial hues that people can often loathe or adore. Some people live in it from their dresses to their lipstick, it's a uniform the same way black can be. At the other side, there's those who feel it doesn't go with their colouring, it's too loud and bright, and then just a general dislike of red. I like to try every inch of the rainbow, there's potential in every shade I say! Usually, purple doesn't thrill me, but if the cut and style of the garment is right, I'd be open to persuasion! Anyway, my point is, red can be a fun colour to mess around with. This jumper is actually on the coral-y side of red and I thought, "Sure why not, I'll throw another primary colour into the mix!" Feeling dull, I slicked on my hot pink Barry M lipstick. Why have just one pop of colour when you can have 3?

Jumper: Charity Shop
Leggings: Charity Shop
Runners: Adidas