Monday, 13 August 2012

Is this thing on!?

Hello! My name is Sionan and I have decided to join the rest of the universe by starting a fashion blog. I'm Irish born and bred, and have a penchant for all things wearable! Society has begun to gradually exclude me on the basis that all I talk about is clothes!

I figured, in order to cling to the few friends I have left, I need to find an outlet for all this talk of hues and hemlines! I'm not the first and DEFINITELY not the last but as my good friend Drake says- I saw him live and I swear, he actually winked at me!- YOLO. (you only live once)

With the amount of blogs I read, surely I must have picked up something? Time will tell! Anyway, here I go... *dips toe in sea of fashion and blogging*

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