Tuesday, 28 August 2012

INSPIRED BY: Thelma & Louise

In the excellent documentary about US Vogue, The September Issue, Grace Coddington emphasised the importance of absorbing inspiration from all around you. To paraphrase, always keep your eyes open, never fall asleep in the car, etc. I completely agree with Grace (the Genius), and I try to do the same. Travel, architecture, shapes and colours are all sources of sartorial inspiration. Of course, we can't forget the power of streetstyle in today's world. The streetstyle snaps and features in magazines like Elle and Company are the pages I look forward to most. And I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Lookbook.nu is one of the easiest and most exciting ways of getting inspired from real people on a minute-ly basis (if you like refreshing the New page all day!?)

Thelma & Louise, directed by Ridley Scott in 1991

FILMS! I want to document how I've been inspired by various flicks, and I think I'll start with Thelma & Louise. I first saw this film in June and it captivated me. The story, the quality of the acting and the setting were stellar to say the least. Indeed, the largely country style soundtrack impressed me and I've never been a fan of that genre of music at all! I guess there's a lot of F buzzwords that come to mind with this film (NO NOT THAT WORD!)

Friendship...feminism...fear...fantasy...fun...fleeing... FASHION! Yes, fashion. I doubt it was the intention of director Ridley Scott but somehow the rough edges and the simplicity of the denim and cut-off t-shirts screamed a FIERCE (another f word) attitude. Personally, I'm still hunting for the right full length Levi jeans to match with a hastily snipped t-shirt (these women didn't do bum-skimming hotpants)
Take a look at these stills from the film. It won Best Original Screenplay at the 1992 Academy Awards and was nominated for other major Oscars. The clothing reveals the changing personalities of the two friends.

Here is Thelma (Geena Davis) dressed in a cutesy floral skirt with her sleeves pulled over her hands in an awkward adolescent manner.

Yet here, within a couple of days Thelma's new attitude rises from the ashes of her dead end marriage as she wields a gun in brash double denim. It's tough, aggressive and sexy- a powerful statement.

Some might complain that Susan Sarandon's beauty doesn't fit with Louise's character but I think that she holds an understated yet somehow striking appearance. In this still, she's chilled and happy, casually dressed in a simple button down shirt that seems much more glamorous paired with a red lip, cigarette and Margarita.

Like Thelma, Louise also experiences change. The recent series of events have been difficult for her to handle. She's burned by the desert heat and lipstick and jewellery are notably absent. All that remains of Louise, is who she really is, raw and pared back.

Throw on a pair of well-worn dusty Levi jeans and rip off the sleeves of your comfiest t-shirt for instant empowerment!

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